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Content is the Key

Created by Marce Rosemberg the 07/23/2013
Writing for Google?
It seems many people are writing exclusively for Google’s spiders. Probably all of us have more than once run into articles that were almost completely unreadable, but, this didn’t fail, with one keyword after another.
Fortunately, Google (and other search engines) continiously refine their search algorythms to match the search results with the needs and interests of real people. This is, they try hard so the results offered are not only the most adequate but also the most interesting.
Because of this, content is the key right now. It doesn’t matter how many tags and metadescripctions we write, or the percetage of keywords we incorporate. What’s important is what we write, the content we provide to our readers, the authenticity of the text and its relevance.
Write for Your Readers
If we want to offer interesting online material, one of the main elements we need to consider is that the content needs to be writen for the web. I mean, we don’t have to limit ourselves to Orly writing a text when we can enrich the message with videos, images, links, etc. In fact, that is what our readers will be expecting from us.
But this is not about producing articles saturated with links to no matter which sites, or with the most varied images. Right the opposite; every piece of material we incorporate and the pages we link to must be relevant. For example, if we are writing about finance, the search engines will understand our article is more interesting if we offer 1 link to Harvard’s blog instead of 10 links to bicycles websites. This kind of parameters can be measured through Page Rank, for example.
Besides counting keywords and checking rankings, there is a clearer way of measuring how much interest we’ve awakened in our readers. When a content is spread word to mouth it’s usually because it is relevant and interesting. If people start sharing it in the social media, mentioning it in other articles, linking it from other sites and following their authors, a big part of the batlle will be won.
In conclusion, always write for your readers. If they find your articles engaging, the search engines will notice that. Nothing works better that great content for a good positioning.


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