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What do Fes’ doors hide?

Created by Marce Rosemberg the 07/23/2013
In the walled city, each door is a mystery. It’s usual to see small doors in bigger doors, because when the camel caravans went through Fes the eateries would use the small ones for people or the bigger ones to let the animals in. It’s also very usual to see green doors, Islam’s colour.
The Size Doesn’t Matter
But one of the main curiosities about Fes’ doors is that generally their size doesn’t match the dimension of the buildings they open to. Most of these doors are very small because in this city taxes are paid according to the door’s size, not the building’s surface. Therefore, it’s common that a tiny door leads to a construction of several stories, with it’s inner columns and balconies.
If you are walking around on your own, you’ll probably see a bunch of doors that don’t realy promise anything special; but if you are with a guide, the experience is quite different. Most of the times there are no signs that might give you a hint of what’s awaiting inside, but the guide will perfectly know what hides beneath each of them, and when crossing the most unexpected threshold you’ll find huge stores and artisans’ cooperatives filled with lamps, carpets, bags or mirrors, workshops with looms or bread ovens.
Come in!
In most shops they’ll invite you to sit down for a moment and share a mint tea, whether you buy something or not, demonstrating their characteristic hospitality. While you experience this unique moment you’ll be able to apreciate the refining of they art work at the same time you’ll learn about the manufacturing process, craftsman-made by fathers and sons, generation after generation.
Fes’ artisanal products are famous for the quality of their details, materials and finishes, and are then sold in many other Moroccan cities. If you have the chance to stop by in this authentic city, don’t hesitate and get a local guide; he’ll open you the doors of a shy and spectacular Fes.


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